HealthScape Briefing Design, 2018
4 panel self-mailer
HealthScape 4 Panel Folded Mailer, 2018
Pareto Intelligence 2 PanelĀ Folded Mailer, 2018

Books & Brunch poster, for print. Winston & Strawn LLP 2018

Summer Bar Sign, for print. 2018

Retreat posters, Winston & Strawn 2018.
Summer Party Poster and reference photos, 2018.

Candy bar wrapper and thank you card (InDesign/Illustrator). Winston & Strawn, 2018.

Calendar Card (InDesign/Illustrator). Winston & Strawn, 2017.

Computer Safety Information Card & Sticky Note (InDesign/Illustrator). Winston & Strawn LLP 2017.

DSI Projects Magazine, 2017. Click to view.

Z-fold contact card (InDesign/Illustrator). Winston & Strawn, 2017.

Proposal for new business opportunity. Development Solutions, Inc. Click to view.

Proposal cover design variations. Development Solutions, Inc.

Modern Luxury magazine design test (InDesign), 2017.

Business manifesto for re-branding launch, 2017.

Dyson Proposal Sample. Click to view.

Creds deck/branding brochure, Performics 2016.

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